She is darkness, tears, a thunderstorm always on the verge
He is sunshine, smiles, clear skies
She is anxiety, fear, constant motion
He is calm, patient, still

She is all emotion, every feeling expressed without filter
The joys and trials of her life immediately shared
No boundaries to keep out the hurts or pain of others
Her empathy for everyone both a gift and a curse
Haunted by the people her words can’t heal.

He is intelligent and practical
Distant when he should move closer
Clumsy in his attempts to connect
But diligent in his efforts to show his love
He feels like he fails her.

She is the hand that draws him out of his head and into her arms
He is the light leading her home, the only one to keep her demons at bay
Apart a messy collection of flaws,
Together they love each other with tender acceptance.