I look for signs in the sky,
And, listen for the still small voice.
Will there come a wise reply?
Of course, it’s nice to have free choice.

Rumors cry for “Apocalypse,”
Recall the year without a summer,
Where chill remained on our lips,
Less food grown was a stunner.*

My eyes view above the cloud,
Interpreting windy spirit’s shift.
Are ideas wrapped in a shroud?
I desire the voyage that gives new life.

Prophets run both true and false,
Prognostications are all around,
So many want the next dance or waltz,
Shall I partner with a harlequin clown?

* The 1815 eruption of the volcano Tambora, in Indonesia, projected enough waste material into the atmosphere to cool the Earth worldwide, estimated a half a degree. Nature’s geo-engineering cooled Earth, affecting many things, including crop growth. Sometimes this is called “The year without summer.”