June of another summer
drinking in afternoon sun
big bobby hibiscus blossoms
against regal grassy field a scene
of intricate wallpaper

trembling breeze catches
distant memory
complete with giddy youngster
a blink of the past
vitality is everywhere

I am skipping
without caution
as if I just won
some championship
my smile is gigantic
sizzle and flash

I remember a universe
of fluttering feelings
varied as petals on a rose
don’t see me yelping with
any of my comrades
no partners in play
only Mickey Mouse tee-shirt cossets
fetching feet spring me
over gravel rock roots
mired in mud

Now I look back for abandonment
signs of a shadow loneliness
etched on my young face
but witness only glittering
fierce passion
feel my young self bend
leap over flowers into
welcoming field like
a little grenade buoyant
alone in feral sward