I’m rather addicted
to Solitaire
(the Klondike variety)
never on a PC or Mac
but always on an
iPad Mini tablet

One of these
(I have two) is
usually with me
when I am not
on a computer

I use them for
Instant Messenger
calling home (with Alexa)
and Solitaire

I use Solitaire
whenever there
is a break in
whatever else
I am doing and
I continue to
play until I reach
the next level of
Games Won

My mother
taught me to
play Solitaire
as a kid and
it has stayed
with me
Whenever I
move a bunch
of cards to free
a card to move
to the stack
I think of my
long-gone mother

It’s my way of
keeping in touch

John F. McMullen is Poet Laureate of Yorktown, NY, member of American Academy of Poets and Poets & Writers, author of over 2,500 columns and articles and 10 books, 8 of which are collections of poetry), and is host of an Internet Radio Show (300 shows to date) — www.johnmac13.com.