When I see your fancy jeep
wending through my
mud-crusted village
I run to you with
open palms
unblinking eyes
expectant smile
a plead of entangled words—
you do not understand
I would sell you my self
for a chance to ride
with you somewhere

When hopelessness grows in me
I wake in the night
inside fear of mother’s stare
uncles broken back
her moans, his decay
When I wake in the night
I go and lie down where
village water pipe drips and
family of rats bathe

I sulk into the passion
of their splashing
I splash into the peace
of the dripping, dripping
and tomorrow
when I feel the hum
of your fancy jeep
my hands touching
vibrating ground
I will give you myself
for free
for a chance to
click my heels
ride inside the pages
of your fairytale