Steeping into the coolness
          this morning onto the back porch
to savor the breeze before
          the temperature rises the last day
of the heat wave, we scan
          the tree break, eventually noticing
a female Cooper’s hawk
          facing away from us on a branch in
the oak, then we locate
          her mate, a larger bird, the male,
in the hophornbeam,
          the high forehead, the large slate-
silver breast, facilitating
          identification, their prominence
in the tree break, fanned by
          their black and white wings, their
striking sideward glances at
          an advancing squirrel, chittering
alarm and scratching
          at the tree bark. The mated pair
finally raising their wings
          in unison, of one mind, together
momentarily perching
          in the larch, then moving over to
the shade of the massive
          pine, inadvertently making their
presence amid the branches
          spectral before lifting themselves
up, trailing their shadows
          preternaturally among the green
into the bright sunlight
          and the increasing heat of the day,
leaving us speaking in whispers,
          gazing upon the wind in the trees.