Not yet hopeless lies this dream within a truth
that we are all from, and ultimately will reside
in, the same place. A place of Love. So fear
not my weary soldiers. Fear not the confabulated
hallucinations of the spearheading minds of our
megalomaniac elects – they select their own
poison and for that i Love. Remain loose and
free, for the grey matter betwixt our ears holds
lock and key to authenticity, and the aforementioned
– Love. Welcome the broken hearts and broken
souls and broken lives and broken minds and broken
dreams and broken promises, for i am the same as
all broken things pieced together vertebrae by
broken vertebrae, untethering each relived rancid
moment by rancid moment, till gravely fear is
lifted fear, in this world consumed by fear, and
eagerly partake in THE unconditional Love
of ALL microorganisms…so reframe boundaries
and elongate spines with spiked shoulders and
saccharine smiles – Press firmly against our gossamer
ideals permeating like atomized sound waves.