did you ever find yourself
in the presence of a cornfield
summer air cooling in shade of night

feel the sky come closer
as stars bloomed toward you
from their glitter-strewn gardens

somehow know the tall stalks
are speaking their own sign language
conversing about the urge to grow

and sense, in between them
a density within the slim darkness
something waiting and aware

inviting you to wade in
and stand side-by-side-by-side
among them

in the midst of their shiny silken threads
their husks and tassels
their honeyed floral scents

where you might raise your arms in imitation
feel utterly inhabited
by certainty of purpose

be still and entire
alone but not apart
soaked through with what you are

know that soon, without hesitation
you will all lean, as one
toward the face of the rising sun?

Victoria Twomey is a Pushcart nominated poet and award-winning artist. Her poems have been published in several journals, newspapers and online. Her forthcoming book of poetry, Glimpse, will be published by Kelsay Books in 2023.