I look up, and I see you. I look down, and I see myself. Constellations circle and sparkle. The fade of a long lost, burned out, cosmic civilization. It twinkles away the last remnants of its once illuminous existence. Fade, fade. Simmer, simmer. Glow away, illuminate the whiteness of the night today. Stars shine, oblivious to the gazing glare as it stares from millions of light years away. The night is held in curious arms. The wonder of a mindful psyche speculates the world within the blinking eons from where they sit. Counting sheep, connecting the sleep. The stars aren’t far, they are locked within the heart. The stars, they mingle. Huddled up, blazing their own game of hide and seek, seek and find, unwind the dots and lasso the lots of white hot orbs. Now I leave to retrieve the keys to the stars. I open myself up and I look inside. They burn within me. I look up and I am vanished away. I am the stars and they are me.