As soon as we enter the lab,
Emily can’t remember
the number of the computer
she’s been assigned.

Trinity doesn’t type the password “eagles” correctly,
so her access is denied.

Tristan mistakenly kicks a cord
blacking out a row of desktops.

Kristen enters her school ID
instead of the one from the state
which is on the large blue card in her hand,
and can’t understand why the screen reads,
“Test not found.”

While waiting for the daily code,
Steven, ADHD, twirls around in the old office chair,
and Harrison forgot his inhaler back in the room.

Meanwhile, 30 other students ask me
to “approve” their “individual request”
to start the test, while I write a pass for Bess
who has a nosebleed.

This is what psychologists call
the Jesus and the Lepers Syndrome.
Everyone wants to be healed.