The spaceship points toward the stars—
allowing the yellow rays of light to welcome
friends of the vast black space.
The explosion of colors frightens the crew,
but then the magic begins.

Purples kiss pinks, golds embrace reds.
Stars shy away from the supernova spectacle,
the wisps of gas, the collection of debris,
the Veil Nebula.

The astronaut wishes to change the direction
of the spaceship’s desired mission—
taking the crew to the point where the colors
surround bodies, paint into eyes,
absorbing the abundant space.

Yet the direction cannot change.
The mission must continue to Mars—
the land of possibility, the new Apollo landing.
So the astronaut must say good-bye

to the colors, the spectacle,
the once in a lifetime vision.

Kasy is a junior creative writing student with a minor in literature. She is  the current Production Manager of, Polaris Literary Magazine. She is published in Polaris, and has a forthcoming poem to be published in the SucarnocheeReview.bark.