Licentious, to love the way a bivalve
opens and shuts—sieving salty water
I love you wide open and wanton
our rising tide drowning all sensibility

kissable and wild, sultry and slinky
the way an urchin sucks on a fingertip,
the kelp forest overhead swirling
with every breach and eddy.

Hold me in your octopus reach—
fondle every bit of me with your
voluptuous arms. Seek me. Seduce
me. Lure me into your sea cave.

I’ll succumb to your irresistible charms
Pleasure enhances the impulse
of coupling; we plunge and release
again and again—you entice and ravish.

You radiate in a phosphorescent swell—
raspberry to glowing neon.
We combine titillating and flirtatious.
The more you reveal the further we’ll go.

Be brave, lover, no longer reef-
bound, no matter how arduous
the voyage—willingly unmoored,
in your deepest dive, now beguiling,

how alluring. I can’t do it,
you say I’m drowning, but what do
you know? We’ll thrive, survive
the undertow, we’ll float on.