When the real aliens come, they will be undocumented,
No passports, visas, licenses or birth certificates.
We may have to take them at their word.

How to deport an alien to Constellation Orion or send
The undocumented back to the North Star?
Should we offer them sanctuary in our liberal city
Or hide them in a church, temple or mosque
Until the current regime relents or collapses?

Will they be eligible for college scholarships?
Or being of superior intellect, even want one?
If they eat and can handle our sugary diet
Do we send them to Walmart’s or a food bank or
Or to a co-op farm to earn their food?
If they sleep, will they do it standing up in a crowded
Jail cell, locked up in a mental ward
Or will they want a bed like ours,
Pillow top mattress or Tempurpedic?

If they talk and we listen can we translate? If we
Can translate will anyone listen? If we listen
Will we learn or will there be things that
Simply won’t translate into any earthly language?

So many questions, so few answers.
The most significant: When the real aliens arrive,
Will we accept them or let the opportunity pass?
And like Halley’s Comet or a total eclipse
They won’t come our way again
For decades, centuries, eons.