I’m unable to speak of dry leaves
lifting off the pavement on a carpet of wind

or how the sun only loves us
a day at a time

I can’t explain this arcane desire to live the next life
in the same world as my body

There’s going to be a tiny house
on a forgettably pleasant street

I’m going to love my neighbors
without being told I’m supposed to

Everything is going to make sense
every day

I’ll wake up mornings in the body
of a loving stranger

Anger is going to lie down
and beg love’s forgiveness

Love will forgive everything
but itself

My heart beats through the silence
into a deeper silence

For every shadow
is an equal and opposite shining


Jon Lavieri holds an MFA in writing from Western Michigan University. His poems have appeared in journals and anthologies, including Anacapa Review, Stone Poetry Quarterly, the naugatuck river review and elsewhere. He lives on the east coast of the US and teaches ESL and writing.