What led me to plant a clematis
was my love of vines. I entrusted the soil
to not keep secret the first tender bliss,
that first sprout brought up by the root’s toil.
And I saw it, carefully watering, waiting
but only to find it could do no more.
It then stayed dormant, which left me debating-
do I leave it? One year, two years, another door,
a later time? Then I forgot about it until
one day I was driving home down this road
and looked over at our house. A vibrance still,
so bright in wondrous fuscia glowed,
and I felt the warmth of sun, that power
and the miraculous patience of a flower.


Lucia Haase is a published award-winning poet who writes as a direct result of a spiritual experience. Many of her poems are inspired by nature, human nature and spirituality.