berries, nurtured by mother
fruit falls…a tumbling silent child.
woman, swollen-bellied, nourishing the un-born,
symphony of a shout, the note of new life,
concerto of wonder orchestrated by love,
consider the gift the baton of nature

Birth of seasons, a sonata of love,
rooting of our passion, heart of our nature,
voices singing the trills of new born
joy of language mouthed by mother,
miracles manifesting each day in life
contemplate the composition that is child

imperfections in nature,
stillness of the still-born,
uncertainty, reluctant mother,
vicissitudes in the art of being,
pauses in the beat of love,
ponder the indelicately-drawn child

Pollinating bee, see mother
straining swollen seed, a child,
blossom laden tree, a new born,
on every creature, pro-offered love,
on every wing flapping-free, nature,
ruminate on every grain of life

Explore two
dissident chords of life,
silence of absent mother,
off-key instruments of nature
song of-the-tone-deaf-child,
unfinished trills of lost love,
explore war, a burden to be borne

Song of innocent child
fragile first breath of born,
touch the breadth of life,
shaft of shared love,
hymn of nursing mother,
think upon the knitting of nature

Nature does not divine life
nor sculpt mother and child,
perhaps it simply sketches born love.