The door is ajar
And you venture out to
Explore the gloaming

When it is dark
I call to you, over again
But you don’t come

So I shut the door
On the darkness and on the
Rain beginning to fall

I search for you
To make sure you are
Safely inside

But you are
Not to be

I figure you are
Hiding in one of your
Secret nooks

So I make tea
And nestle in
For a cozy night

Much later
Although it might be
Just moments

You howl at
The back door, indignant,

I let you in
Soaked, bedraggled, forlorn
And rub you dry

I hold you
To calm your shivering
And warm your heart

After your scolding
Winds down a bit
You purr

You curl in my lap
And purr for hours on end
Grateful to be warm

You sleep on me
All night long
And wake me with a purr