A ballerina in a black tutu poised in adoration
As chalk-white doves perched on a wall
Pecking food from her tender outstretched palm

Yet, one grey-black pigeon stands back
Weary of the poison they have been fed

The rocks that have smashed their little heads
The BB guns that have severed their wings
The sling shots that have broken their flight
All because they are symbols of peace

Notice the incoming funneled clouds
Dark as coal
Black as death

When will we ever learn to have peace?

Vincent J. Tomeo is a poet, archivist, historian, and community activist. For 32 years a New York city public high school teacher of American history, he now volunteers at the 9/11 Tribute Center Museum at Ground Zero. He has been published in the NewYyork Times, Comstock Review, Mid-America Poetry Review, and Edgz, Spires among others. To date, he has 736 published poems; He is the winner of 99 awards.