How are you doing? Nathan McClain Zooms
in on Ada Límon. Ada, smiling, pauses. Um.
Okay, she says. What else can any of us say
besides Sick, Angry, Appalled, Depressed, Dying,
but Okay with the saddest of smiles and hope we
muster. Okay? Okay. A worldwide Zoom chorus:
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
Not good. Can anyone remember anyone saying
I’m good… Life is good? The last poem I wrote
was pretty good. Watching Hamilton at home:
very good but not nearly as good as live theatre.
There is no live theatre. Life. With every poem
I write I have twenty plus drafts enervating.
I cry with every laugh; I shudder when I wake.
And I am among the fortunate with a home
and a love and a dog and out-and-inlets
to the world. Never has the good life looked
so small
so big.