There is a magic on the streets of Paris

Riding at night in a classic Citron
Standing through the skylight
To see the Eiffel Tower all lit up for the very first time

Staying on a houseboat on the Seine at the base of The Louvre
Beneath the Locks of Love Bridge
Feeling the tour boats rock us to sleep

Walking into a wine store
And buying the least expensive bottle of red
And it turning out to be the best of my life

Enjoying a street Dixie band with a little old lady
Who dances and sings better than most major bands

Sitting at a cafe enjoying a meal
And watching the people go by
Thinking to ourselves how lucky they are to live here

Hearing French spoken aloud so beautifully
Every day, all day long
Such a musical language
That hints of love and sensuality with every word

Entering the Musee D’Orsay
And reveling in the beauty of the art
That is timeless and yet new simultaneously

Strolling the streets each night
Exploring the city
On foot, by boat, by pedicab
And yet never seeing it all

Falling in love with the city
And with each other, and with life, anew

Knowing that one day we will return
To feel the magic of Paris again