It was strange,
running into you at the grocery store.
You remembered me from high school,
almost fifty years ago.
You looked familiar,
but I never was good at remembering names.

You stopped me to ask
if I was okay.
I was mumbling to myself
when I walked by you.
I was just upset over something trivial.
I even forget what it was now.

We chatted a while,
then smiled and made our pleasant good-byes.

Thinking back,
I did not have many friends in high school
I was a bit of an outcast.
Age is the great game changer,
making friends of strangers,
and strangers of friends.

Walking away I was glad that you stopped me.
Talking helped me forget my troubles.
It also made me think,
how many people do I pass every day
that I once knew
and how many have left us behind.