It’s the owl, a particular fowl,
The perspicacious one;
Known as wise, some do surmise,
More seen when down the sun.

Birds of a feather flock together,
Yet all sorts not the same;
Birds of Prey, the live long day,
Their nature’s not to blame.

In flight by night, great calls to fright,
A shivering shriek gets ’em running.
Sets way up high, downdrafts from sky,
A mastery of spy & cunning.

With eyes aglow, a darkness so,
Solemn stare gives glare to headstrong.
Cries of the night, hidden from sight,
Postured perch portends soaring song.

Full range to head turns mice in dread,
Wary rabbits take rest from run;
Keep watch above, not safe a dove,
Take guard for an awaiting sun.

Craig Matheson authored Pan-Worldly Things (2023). He graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 1998 with a degree in marketing. Over the years, he has become an endlessly curious student of world history, seeking to understand why the various time-tested theistic philosophies have lasted in practice to the present day.