The rare passion and raw power,
The fashion that makes you flower,
The unyielding love that grips like a vice.
A heart of paramount proportions,
A body of a zillion contortions.
A life with you would surely be nice.
Yet I am a person wrapped in a puzzle
And have a mouth in need of a muzzle.
These are just two of my poor points.
An enigma caught within a paradox,
A sharp mind as wicked as a fox,
Filled with love that tenses all of my joints.
Take a chance with me and be involved
With a living, breathing puzzle never solved.
You could be the woman to make history.
Tons have fallen by the wayside,
Leaving with mere shreds of their pride.
You could be the last piece of my mystery.

Craig Rondinone has written two books — Ten Tales To Make Your Head Explode (short story collection featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) and Jeepers (children’s book) — and has had short stories and poems published in various literary journals and anthologies over the past two decades.