Blue behind the eyelids
resonates the transformation already happening
as yellow and red leaves celebrate the joyous gathering
beneath the still chloro-full, holding firm in the kicking green gust

A periodical revolution

I walk uphill where the trees talk the loudest
“Stand steady,” they urge
The new way of being is the old way
an ecosystem of dark and quiet

Tonight is not silent
wind whips
frog masticates no vowels
throat clenches and compresses the tune

Lithium, gold, meat, copper, copper, oil

Breathe the same air the fish, the animals, the water speaks
render a verdict
turn us back, turn us in the opposite direction
turn away from stratospheric controlled perturbation

Collective suicide

Those responsible do not show their faces
those who defend laws that protect are being silenced
through violence and earth black death
this is a planet without values

Go back to the former place of terrestrial diversity
speak again of that we have left behind
restore the cunning court of fertility
woo vitally in veronica

Jane, guest on unceded Lisjan Territory, member of 1000 Grandmothers, author of the cross-genre White Snake Diary (Atmosphere Press), published in McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, The Oaklandside, The Missouri Review Aud-Cast, The Gloucester Times, Paper Dragon, Dove Tales, and Still Point Arts Quarterly. Proceeds from WSD go to Ohlone Sovereignty.