An answer to Mary Oliver’s, The Summer Day

You ask me who made the world
the swan, the black bear.
You lavishly describe the intricate doings
of a grasshopper’s life.
I intuit you believe
idle time spent in a field
with this magical insect is prayer.
You inspire me to confess what I plan to do
with my one wild and precious life

Mary, the night sky has dared me look up
for eons of days
too busy, my nose always in a book
a new television series after dinner
more poems to write
words to gather
cookies to bake
sinks to clean

I feel the night skies luminous world
invite me on countless beaches
but my eyes peer down like a lighthouse
searching, gathering shells, pumiced rocks
counting waves as they beat on shore
Squealing when they grab my feet
with cold tongues

Once I felt her call me after an evening blizzard
But it was too cold to step out into frosted air
I chose a deep mulling, a fire, a wine instead

The truth is Mary; the night sky
fiercely beckons me purchase Great Courses online
a passionate coax to stream
Cosmos available on Netflix
She even invokes Catholic guilt to nag me look up.

Not immune to the calendar;
I am ready in my nocturne years
to emerge from the shadow of my home
into her glistening field; lift my eyes; inhale her;
see her say, “Finally” with a pulsing wink