Space dust – key to everything,
like the birth of a star.
The universe is expanding at all times,
commemorating the primordial beginnings
of the galaxy clusters,
surrounded by a web
of earlier galaxies.
A dwarf star was eating up another planet
only to be left with an opaque,
metallic scar near one of its
magnetic poles
from when the star was ripped up –
like traces of evidence after the crime had been committed.
Meanwhile on planet Earth
Starboard, a solo orca killed and ate the liver
of a much larger predator:
a great white shark
near South Africa.
Elsewhere, another orca takes on
the role of a foster parent to a
lone, young abandoned pilot whale calf.
Speaking of big challenges –
how do my worries look now,
put in relation to
eating stars,
the power of space dust
and hunting something so much larger than oneself
not in a pack, but alone?
Pathetic, is it not?