For the past seventeen years
A man awakens every morning
Feeds and dresses his wife
And brings her to daily Mass.

As she shuffles in
With her memory gone
He leads her to the pew
Helps her to sit down,
Guides her to Communion,
And returns her to the same pew.

He remembers still her devotion,
The children and grandchildren
She gave him and raised
Through good times and bad,
How she nursed him when both knees
Had to be replaced with titanium ones.

All you twenty and thirty something’s
Ready to divorce after a couple of fights
Think of the devotion of this man.
Think of the depth of love
He has shared with this woman
To make that daily effort
Not his cross to bear,
But his crown to win.

Forget the divorce talk.
Instead, think of who will be there
Years and years and years from now
To care for you and love you
In a Communion that is marriage,
And the mercy it grants mere humans.

Bruce Curley lives in Mt. Airy, MD with his wife and two sons. Recent publications include: Screaming Like a Banshee; Feile-Festa Literary Arts Journal; With No Apologies, My Double Life, Musings on Sarah Bernhardt, He is published in several journals: Home Planet News, Rain Dog Review, Voices Israel, and many others. Recent anthologized poems include: This Broken Silence in Beyond Lament: Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust, On What the Future of Civilization Depends in Under a Gull’s Wing.