It is such a cruel, casual world,
the nuns told me.
It will betray you as it betrayed Him.
It is to be feared and forgiven,
this life on fire with sin.

Yet as I leave the Sunday School
I release my hands from my handlebars
and—I’m riding now in perfect balance!
My arms out wide as wonder,
and the wind can’t contain my breaths.

I’ll let this wind guide me home,
as I pump hard, harder,
gasping with joy and do I dare–
dare close my eyes to evil?
Done! I’m riding blind and free.

I can feel the leaf shadows
pierce my body and release it to the sun.
and I guess this world will do
for now, where I am home
wherever the wind knows.

Is this what it felt like for you
on that third day,
when the stone gave way,
and the angel said:
“Come now, it’s time?”