This particular thing heals all wounds
It covers the earth and it soothes
We all have it but it isn’t always used
The underappreciated muse
It can’t be tamed
This thing has no shame
Its aim is to teach and be free
But some of us don’t get the teachings
Until the teacher is me, and then it’s our end
The master goes on to find its next victim or friend
It’s yours and it’s mine
If the world is a lemon
This is its partner in crime
Bitter, it can be sweet
It conquers with no sense of defeat
Controlling the strong and the weak
Remember everything I just mentioned
You can forget but it still has your attention
This thing can cause a lot of tension
It can leave you in suspension
Warped in a downward spiral
Or in a blissful ascension
Remember when the devil fell from the divine
Remember when Jesus turned water into wine
Holding the good, the bad, and the ugly
Is this thing called Time