To marry is to sorcerize yourself into the word we
it is to feast when you aren’t always hungry
is to enter a town of snow fences
and walk down a boulevard under flowering trees
to receive a sealed envelope which you never open
and to carry that envelope high above flood waters
and know that whatever is inside the envelope is holy
sometimes marriage can be the loneliest hotel in the universe
because you so seldom know what your partner is thinking
but other times you don’t even want to know
or else marriage is to assume you know
just what the other person is about to say
and instead to be completely surprised
this can happen even after fifty years
to marry is to be asked about the location
of some object you never moved
marriage is like tomorrow’s weather
it is to shelter in that cozy place
between the chin and the collarbone
to memorize the spine of the beloved
marriage is your hand going to sleep under the covers
and you not being sure whose hand it is