Marta, I am grateful to you
For having told me
That before you get out of bed in the morning
You think of what you are grateful for.
I wonder who told you
That before they get out of bed in the morning
They think of what they are grateful for.
I would like to know that person.

Now words from a Psalm in the Bible
Come to mind: “Their line is gone out
Through all the earth,
And their words to the end of the world”
And I imagine a stadium full of persons like you
Next to the person who has brought them there
Happily enjoying the game
They both have been eager to watch.

None of the fans, I prefer to think,
Have had too much to drink;
All root for their team
But do it peacefully.
This morning, still in bed and not yet ready to get up,
I see you among that crowd
On a crisp sunny September afternoon,
Myself by your side in the bleachers.

Poems by Jonathan Bracker have appeared in eleven collections, the latest of which, New Poems, is available from Amazon as a print-on-demand book.