Cheers and action cease
as elite medical staff
rush onto the field
and players react
to an injury that is more
than an injury.
Silence blankets thousands
in attendance
and millions witnessing

players falling to their knees
in tears, anguish, eyes to the sky
looking to the divine,
holding each other.
Commentators without words
collective breath held in fear
and hope,
so much hope explodes
for this young man
playing his passion.

CPR is administered
minutes drag by
suspended in time
no thumbs up
as he is lifted
into an ambulance
two rivals merge
and pray together.

Lois Perch Villemaire resides in Annapolis, MD. Her stories, memoir flash, and poetry have been published in a number of journals, magazines, and anthologies. In addition to writing, she enjoys yoga, fun photography, and raising African violets.