after Oliver Baez Bendorf

Dawn tree, dripping tree, tree of stillness
and wind whispered tree dancing in the dusk.
Tree of satin red heart leaves.
Moon tree, tree of tomorrow, tree of rain.
Tree in my hair, tree in my veins, tree of my eye.
Honeybush vanilla caramel tree of thee I sing.
Tree I run to for comfort.
Dead tree split open wide as a sacrifice for all
bugs and crawling life continuum.
Protector tree, supreme communicator
community leader, mother of all
tree. Sinewy branch, sturdy pine.
Tree that curves down my spine.
Fragrant and fatherly shade heaven.
Musty and musical, tree that forgives us
our trespasses. Tall and tempting tree that beckons
to climbers with two, four, six legs and more.
Tree I wear like a crown to soothe
my boggled mind and leave behind
my crumpled day.

Tree I desire. Tree of my insides.
Tree where I holler loud!

Now star-studded tree, magical maple syrup
tree of my dreams. I suck you, tree,
into my fragile heart while
walking in the woods.

I tree the earth.
Everything trees on this spinning orb
of constant reinvention.
Tree of animals, tree of oceans, tree of
mountains. Tree where my mind
belongs only to me.
Stronger than it seems tree. Gentler than
a feather breeze tree.
Tree who will be tickling the sky when you and I
are no more.

Nicole Farmer is a reading tutor living in Asheville, NC. Her poems have been published in over thirty magazines including The Closed Eye Open, Peregrine, Poetry South, The Amistad, Quillkeepers Press, drunk monkeys, Sad Girls Club, Suisun Valley Review, Wisconsin Review, Haunted Waters Press, Adelaide Magazine, Big Whoopie Deal, Sheepshead Review.