The pendulum sways the same speed every day,
sit too long watching and I turn slowly
to residue finer than pearls of ash.
Find value in life don’t waste priceless time.
I know the things that please my truest self.
Like meadowlark they call me in to life.
Like meadowlark they can, flit away with ease.
My actions show me who I am today.
Indecision is a slow way to die.
Radiant hope is a sure way to fail.
Stoic steps will take me there, slow and sure.
Stifle the animal tongue that urges.
It holds my soul in tender cheeks waiting
for me to make a move. Follow my heart.
Ignore my mind full of histories time.
I shouldn’t trust it just because it’s known.
Notice the labels applied by my mind.
Give it a chance, and faculties judgement
will drive me downhill with thoughts on parade.
Notice the urges that want to divert
narrow feet down narrow roads or dim lit
alleyways. (Picture a forked road lined with
billboard signs) Compulsion flaunts the fool with
a hecklers ease. With flushing heat shame brands
from hide to marrow. I know the foul taste.
Latent desire, like rancid chocolate.
This timely moment is in my own hand.
Virtue has a path lined with well-known souls.
Stubborn scum clings to regretful vagrants.
Each homely soul knows which way to go.

If only I could be a force moving
birds to fly. There would be less gravity.
The consequence of life would lose its heat.
I could turn this fool face to azure sky.
I could find some solace in this journey
glean some flecks of sea glass from my history.
I would feel the rush of pride. Find purpose
in these fingers unfettered. But I know
there are no answers in these words written,
only demands to offend my countenance.
There is no solution I have shared, rushed the
precipice stood the edge, no secret hides
behind by my shadow.
It takes work to cloak my soul in glory.
It takes time to find a path for this story.
It takes heart to start when you’re full of worry.

Susan Morris is the co-owner of a construction company. She is a MFA student at Lindenwood University.