Walking to the end
of the dock,
ready to take the step,
and land in the warm
of the deep end
of the lake…

yet pausing
to gauge the depth,
assess the risks,
my choices

I hover,
yet nervous,
waiting to feel
the trust grow
and to hear
the voice of truth
whisper in my heart
showing me the way

We’ve known
each other a lifetime
quite truly,
yet are learning
each other anew.
Each day we talk,
across the miles
and across the days
till I’m there
with you,
we build trust.

As hard as these
days and miles are
that separated us
from each other’s touch
they are good,
truly good,
because they are
helping us to build
a foundation of trust.
One we have lacked
in other key
so it’s even more
and beautiful
and shimmering
to find
in each other.
Across the years
across the miles
across a lifetime