She has a mint wish that turns into a cloud,
sheep, no–a porpoise that laughs at the crowd.

She sleeps in a garden with fairies who flit
from lilies to lilacs to purple tulips.

She sips honey syrup through flower-wrapped straws
while riding a dragonfly over stone walls.

She writes beside buttercups edging the stream
of golden giggles and words that should please.

She gallops through fields on ponies that speak
then races through meadows with kittens who squeak.

She is a unicorn who gathers believers,
or Glinda* with gifts for all new achievers.

She swims in gold sparkles and shouts with her ink
then marches in front of her bright crystal wink.

Then she flexes her wings as dawn starts to rise
and opens her heart to a rainbow surprise.

*Glinda: the Good Witch of the South in The Wizard of Oz

Holly Dunlea is an eclectic writer who loves to experiment with form and word usage. Her poetry has been published in Literary Hatchet, Raven’s Perch, Crosswinds and DASH. She also is one of the recent winners of the Katharine Lee Bates Poetry Contest.