While you’re on your feet, Hubby,
do me a favor, won’t you, Honey?
Bring me a cup of coffee, please.
Oh, and a slice of toast with cheese.
Gee, thanks an awful lot.
Oh, hell! Would you wipe up that spot?
Thanks. Say, how long before you’ll be coming back?
Well, bring me a cigarette ― no, make it a pack.
Thanks. May as well get an ashtray
since you’re going that way.
Huh? Oh, I have one. You didn’t look
over there. Hand me that green book.
Wait! It’s almost time for the “View.”
Turn on the TV; let’s see what’s new.
Thanks. Gosh, it’s cold in here.
Turn up the heat, would’ya, Dear?
What was that? Someone at the door? Better see.
Oh, it’s the mail. Well, give it to me.
What? Something else before you take a seat?
Well, since you’re on your feet…

Felix Neals: Autistic; veteran; Idaho State University, B.S.; Washburn University School of Law, Kansas, J.D.; National Intercollegiate Oratory Champion; Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Degree of Special Distinction, Pi Kappa Delta; Finalist, Yale University Press Series Younger Poets.