A rare snow began falling,
so she woke us at midnight.
Shivering on the stiff whitening grass,
heads bent back, we watched
the black sky.

Flakes strafed down
from an invisible, benign celestial machine.
Three generations of us felt
the lacy ice on our faces,
so much better than,
under warm blankets,
to only dream of magic.

Let me, let me always waken them
to nature’s glistening moments.
A comet, the great horned owl’s silhouette
on the pine branch,
a spiderweb sun-flecked with opal dew,
wisteria buds.

Karen McAferty Morris loves poetry for its ability to lift both the heart and mind to discoveries, connections and, ultimately, comfort. She is Poetry Editor of the National League of American Pen Women’s magazine The Pen Woman. Her chapbook “Elemental” was published in April 2018, followed by “Confluence” in May 2020. She lives in the Florida panhandle.