My family rented a house
On the beach of Lake Michigan
For one beautiful week every summer

While I loved swimming in the lake with my brother
Body surfing the waves
And swimming out to the buoy

And evening cookouts with my family
Where we’d roast the fish caught that day
Over an open fire and roast potatoes
Wrapped in tin foil in the embers till they were sweet

And going into town
On the one-speed bikes propped on the back porch
To buy treats at the local shop

My favorite thing to do
At Lake Michigan every summer
Was walk the beach with my dad
We’d look for Petoskey Stones
And fossils and beach glass
Worn smooth by the waves
And we’d talk, freely and openly
About anything and everything

I loved that week at Lake Michigan
With my family each summer
And the cool thing is I knew at the time
How special it was

It didn’t take fifty years of reminiscing and
Fondly looking back to know how good I had it
I knew it then in the moment
At the beach with my family