the first snow
provides the only light
in this darkness
and there falls only silence
even between the two of us

winter-smitten eyes and noses
are here to search out the rabbits
that’ve come to safely play–
their pawprints betraying their presence
marking the frosty lawns
with swirling constellations
a dark snow stars

tonight everything on earth
is as it is in the heavens
there is a moonlit river
running along the asphalt
and we walk our crazy starlit paths

sometimes in step
sometimes going our own way
our barely visible intersections
joining up in the end

our wordless communication
a cold but glittering gift

Jan Mordenski, a teacher and folklorist from Detroit, has had poems published in Canada, Ireland, England, Australia and the US in such publications as Howling Dog, Arete, Hamilton Stone Review, and Cumberland Review. Her poem, “Crochet” was selected for the on-line series, American Life in Poetry.