Clouds fling their stories
against a full depth of sky
writing a thousand odes to rain

read in droplets.
We tell our stories in bed
my lips against yours

until we’re sheltered in sleep.
The south is convulsed by storm,
the west shattered by wildfire.

Torrential rains in Louisiana
breed huge swarms of mosquitoes:
cows bleed to death in the fields.

Warning lights flash
climate change, mass extinction.
Yesterday I fell

hard on a cement walk,
I can only get older.
We watch dishwater grey clouds

spun by frigid winds
race down from the north, kicking up
a mess of heavy wet snow.

Bonnie wrote until she was in her late thirties She was published in several journals including POETRY. She started writing again after retirement and has been published in several journals including Entropy, Dunes Review, Gyroscopic Review and accepted forRHINO.