Lyrics: Lucien Morin, based on Exodus 17:1-6
Music: “Legend” by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky,
Opus 54, No. 5 of “16 Songs for Children”

When Israel’s children in those days
The desert walked for quite a ways,
They felt the heat, they died of thirst.
Told Moses “Give us water first!”

“Why did you ever take us out
Of Egypt’s fair land?” they did shout.
“Was it to lead us here and die
With kin and cattle where they lie?”

So, he cried out unto the Lord:
“A stoning I can ill afford!”
The Lord said: “Go to Horeb’s Rock
With staff in hand and sharply knock.

“In front of you there I shall stand.”
This Moses did with elders on hand.
The people saw he found a way:
The Rock gave water on that day.

Lucien Morin is a retired translator, terminologist, and technical writer. He published a technical dictionary in Canada. He is a cantor at Saints John and Paul Church in Larchmont, NY and lives in New Rochelle, NY with his wife, artist and retired teacher and paper expert Linda Laska.