Moonlight paints water,
colors blend,
bleeding towards the shore.

Light pulses on wave peaks,
enticing my eyes in darkness.

Alone in bed,
behind a window, framed,
I am bewitched by this brilliant orb.

I climb from my window,
slide through shadows of trees,
soar from the bluff
to tread the carpet of shimmering ripples.

A cadence of waves serenades me
while I dance with beams from a pearl
set in a diamond-studded sky.

Seduce me.
Extract me.
Bathe me.
Embrace me.

Summon me nightly through darkness.
Leave a light on for me to follow.

When daylight seeps in,
lay me back in my bed,
still dancing in my head,
just a window
between me


Tracy Ahrens lives in Illinois and has been a journalist/writer for over 30 years. She has published eight books, including two non-fiction works, four children’s books and two books of poetry. As of 2023 she had earned 105 writing awards. See her website at