We never knew what exactly the night is.
We thought water was clear and the others
were not dead, they were the mirrors of us,
we must be careful here. Speechless in silence.
We never knew the words have a different
meaning, and the moon could be so empty
and big and life is exactly what we thought it is
but we ran across the stream of wishes with our
iconic blue suede shoes, heard the bell behind
our back, we never knew that the bell—
the bell to tell the world the news—
was merely sign of solitude. Escaping from noise
we are still reading between the lines, seeing how
scribble black they are, feeling how far are the stars
from earth and anyway, they shine.

David Dephy — A Georgian/American award-winning poet and novelist. Winner of the Spillwords Poetry Award, finalist of Adelaide Literary Awards for the category of Best Poem. His works are published and anthologized in USA, UK and all over the world by the many literary magazines. He lives in New York.