to feel that
wheels-up moment of taking off
on a new adventure

to hear your child’s voice
when they’ve called
just to catch up

to make a brushstroke
on a blank-white canvas
and never be the same

to see the spark
in a child’s eyes
of new understanding

to turn the corner
on a muddy path and see
a dozen pelicans lifting off

to relish the first
hot cup of coffee
each and every morning

to careen around
a canyon on the back of a Harley
holding on, yet letting go

to turn the page
on a new chapter
and not be able to put the book down

to feel the pulse
of a live blues band
coming up through the floor of a dive bar

to find joy
in the simplicity
of a single drop of rain

to stroll the beach
water lapping at your feet
and behold nature’s beauty

to marvel at learning
and how amazing the brain is
in all its simplicity and complexity

to laugh long and hard
so much your stomach hurts tomorrow
from all that merriment

to catch poems
as they fall from the universe
on the back of an envelope with a stubby old pencil

to listen in the silence
for the whisper of love’s calling
from dandelion wishes blown by the breeze

to hold your newborn
child … or grandchild
in your arms the first time

to travel the world
and come home different
in a good way

to be with friends
who’ve known you an eternity
and loved you in spite of your flaws

to stand at the feet of art
and fall into its beauty and
its transformational uniqueness

to watch a beloved
movie for the hundredth time
and still cry anew

to care more about
experiences and people
than possessions

to know the joy of loving
and being loved in return
even when it doesn’t last

to relish the taste
of a really good steak
and a glass of good grocery store malbec

to feel the holy spirit
enter into your presence
and lift you up when you need it most

to lie in total darkness
and behold the night sky
pin-pricked with infinity

to be present
when a loved one
breathes their final breath

to know that
everyone who’s ever loved you
lives on inside your life

to wake and hold
the hand of possibility
on each new day