Words on breath, they dance so light,
Like whispers on a winter’s night.
Invisible thoughts that take flight,
Ephemeral as dawn’s first light.

They soar from lips with ease and grace,
A symphony of sound and space.
Intricate melodies interlace,
Enveloping time with their warm embrace.

They ripple through the air like waves,
Crashing on the shore with a thousand cadences.
Their beauty in their mystery lies,
An elusive magic that tantalizes.

Words on breath, they can excite,
Or calm the storms that rage inside.
A language that can incite,
Or heal wounds that ever bide.

They hold untold power and might,
A force that can inspire and ignite.
In every language, they unite,
A bridge between worlds that unite.

They’re a balm that can ease a troubled soul,
A force that can make the broken whole.
Yet, in anger, they can take a toll,
A weapon we hurl and can’t control.

So let’s choose our words with care,
Let kindness and compassion be our prayer.
For the words we speak may never repair,
The damage we do, the wounds we bear.

For words on breath, they linger on,
A trace of us when we’re long gone.
So may our words be remembered long,
As a legacy of love and song.