Message to my fellow humans

My Dear fellow humans, I bring this urgent message of hope and inspiration to help us grow into the infinite loving beings we were meant to be. Due to the proliferation of negative energies in the form of wars, hate, anger, prejudice, lack of self-love, un-forgiveness, and so many other feelings not worthy of who we are as a species, the world is teetering on the brink of a dark and uncertain future.

Our Earth Mother is crying out because of the myriad abuses inflicted upon her by us humans in our pursuit for material wealth, power and control. Global warming, fracking, chemical pollutants in the waterways just to name a few, have reached a tipping point and threatens our continued existence on this blue planet we call home. We can be so much better than that, If only we would realize who we are and take advantage of the opportunity to make an immediate change for the betterment of all human kind.

Let us become instruments of light and love in the world. Let us think only of the good, do only what is good and wish only the good for our fellow humans and others. This will go a long way in transforming our world into a place of love, peace and harmony. We’re not what we got according to Dr. Wayne Dyer in his famous children’s book on money and wealth “You’re Not What You Got”. Everything, including all of our wealth and material possessions will some day pass from us at death to our inheritors or a government entity. We take only our memories with us as we transition to the next plane of existence as the spirit beings we are. Therefore, let us choose right actions now so as to avoid regrets in the spirit realm.

If we are not happy with where we are, why not consider other more empowering thoughts, since our thoughts held in focus create our reality? We can imagine something else! Much of our daily challenge is to manage the distractions in our world that prevent us from learning more about our true selves and moving in the direction of our dreams. Turning off the TV is a great start. My fondest wish for us is that we raise our level of humanism to one of unconditional love and compassion free of judgment, and practice world peace. And so it is.

Mr. Kenneth J. Carter is a Certified Money Coach, Educator and Entrepreneur. He is a graduate of The Money Camp, a financial literacy teacher education and licensing program now (Creative Wealth International) out of Santa Barbara California in 2007. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Rutgers University.