(from The Book of Lu)

1. Found you by accident
2. Reached towards you
3. You smiled back
4. Delighted in you
5. Wasn’t ready for you and hid myself
6. Disappointed you
7. Made you angry
8. Left you alone to think
9. You understood and forgave
10. Sent you flowers, but to the wrong address
11. Appreciated your kindness
12. Tattooed you on my hand
13. Wondered about you
14. Fantasized hard for you
15. Waited for you while you drifted away
16. Wrote you a letter and mailed it to you
17. Waited some more for you
18. Imagined you in the world
19. Fought for you in my heart
20. Explored you online
21. Messaged with you
22. Trusted you, but withheld from you still
23. Watched you try to accept me
24. Greedily devoured your inspiration
25. Listened to you
26. Let you hurt me
27. Told you how I felt
28. Lamented the possible loss of you
29. Then accepted I might lose you
30. Watched you grow
31. Could not let you go
32. Accepted your kindness
33. Expressed my gratitude to you
34. Set you free
35. Still adore you
36. Remember you
37. Dream you
38. Write you down

Corinne Walsh has lived on both sides of the Atlantic. Born during covid and raised during the pandemic, she considers herself a covid-poet. This poem is from of a collection of poetry called “The Book of Lu” about finding love and friendship on-line during lockdown.