At Stonehenge
Waiting for the sun
Floating up in song or
In that cello note
Trying to stay upright or
I’m deep beneath the sea
With lobsters and stuff or
In camouflage or
Running from EMTs
I’m lost among branches
Full of black olives or
On a desert road
Hanging with vultures
Thumbing my life
To a passing car or
I’m on a reservation
In that cup of water
A little kid is sipping or
I’m in a magician’s hat
Longing to be free or
I’m in a glass casket
Waiting for your kiss

Joan Eyles Johnson is a poet, short story writer and playwright who has been published in Ambit, Mediterranean Review, and more, produced off-Broadway and on NPR, and won the Ernest Hemingway Prize 2016 (Fiction Southeast).