Please check for a notice
at your local P.O.
We sincerely regret
this inconvenience
and hope you are not
fulfilment is our game.

Still, in these times we
suggest you temper
your expectations:
completion is chancy
and contents may settle
or shift. Some customers
even have seen items

not ordered, though we strive
to avoid such events.
Should you still have
questions we will forward
a small link with triple
authentications which
may allow you to trace

where your purchase may be.
It has not been returned
to sender from China
but might be in transit
in Tennessee. Have a
good day, and best wishes
for your future success.

MICHAEL H. LEVIN is a lawyer, solar energy developer and writer based in Washington DC. His work has appeared on stage and in collections, anthologies and numerous periodicals, and has received poetry and feature journalism awards,